Community Associations Day

 Educating the leaders of Washington’s condominium and homeowner associations

Saturday, September 29, 2018 at 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Community Associations (CA) Day

for Condominiums and HOAs

Community Associations Day or CA Day is Washington’s largest educational conference and trade show for condominium and homeowner associations and community managers – it’s often referred to as a home show for condos and HOAs. CA Day is an all-day event that includes 151 industry-specific exhibitors in the trade show, 15 education based sessions, a networking lunch and the opportunity to have your association’s questions answered by professionals and peers. This annual event is in its 31st year. Participation has grown from 25 initial attendees to 800+ condominium and HOA representatives and businesses.

CA Day 2018:


Washington State Convention Center
705 Pike Street, Seattle, WA

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WSCAI Members

Homeowners & Managers
$85Thru 8/31
$105Thru 9/14
$130After 9/14
$150 – At the door

Business Partners

Thru 8/31
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After 9/14
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Homeowners & Managers
Thru 8/31
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After 9/14
– At the door

Business Partners

Thru 8/31
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2018 CA Day Brochure

CA Day 2018 Brouchure

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Schedule For CA Day:

[7:30 a.m.]   CA Day Registration & Exhibit Hall Opens

[8 a.m.]   Espresso Cart

Sponsored by Agynbyte, LLC & Tatley-Grund, Inc.

[8:30 – 9:45 a.m.]   Concurrent Sessions (select one)

[1A] WUCIOA — Why U Care: It Obligates Associations!

Panel Speakers:

“WUCIOA: Why U Care: It Obligates Associations!”
What is “WUCIOA” (“Wuh KI uh wa”)? The Washington Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act was adopted this year with an effective date of July 1, 2018. It will govern all “Common Interest Communities” created after that date and provides an opportunity for existing communities to “opt in”. There are also changes that automatically apply to existing communities, so everyone in the industry will benefit from learning more about WUCIOA.

Join us for a discussion about the major changes to current laws, find out why your association might consider “opting in” to WUCIOA, and get answers to your questions from members of the association management, legal, reserve specialist, finance, and insurance professions. Our panel of seasoned presenters will keep you entertained while providing important information and insight about the effect of WUCIOA on the communities you live in or work with.

[1B] Mandatory Maintenance — Staying NW Healthy

Presented By:

“Mandatory Maintenance Staying NW Healthy”
The presenters will discuss the challenges of maintenance in the Northwest from dryer vents to roofs and how to prevent deferred conditions within your community. The presenters will provide insight into the impacts of deferred maintenance as well as potential current/future liabilities the association may be creating, how to identify maintenance needs and concerns, building components costs and lifespans, pursuing a professional team to provide the correct information for financial planning and budgeting, and how to build healthy, happy communities.

[1C] Democracy in Community Associations

Presented By:

“Democracy In Community Associations
Oftentimes, residents move into their new communities with a belief that they can continue all the things they did before they bought their condo unit. The reality is the life inside a condo is a give and take – and it impacts the board and their governance and the members and their activities. We’ll explore the elements of democracy that impact both sides of this equation and provide tips and guidance on making the overall condominium experience far better for the board and more understandable for the residents!

[1D] Emotional Support Chickens & Other Tales From the Brave New World of Fair Housing

Presented By:

“Emotional Support Chickens & Other Tales From the Brave New World of Fair Housing
Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination in the terms and conditions of housing. Most people have heard of “fair housing” and know that housing providers are not permitted to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, family status, or other protected status. But the devil is in the details – what protections are these “protected classes” entitled to receive and how must a board or a manager of a condominium or homeowner association respond to particular requests? Simply trusting one’s intuition and sense of what is “fair” can be a very dangerous practice, and once an association is sued there is no winning even if the case is ultimately resolved in the association’s favor.

This presentation will expose the requirements of Fair Housing law in community associations with a particular focus on the rules requiring reasonable accommodation of disability and governing 55+ communities. What can the board do to prevent sham requests for emotional support animals? When must the board grant an owner a preferred parking space? What information can the board request and require before granting an accommodation? When is a reasonable modification required, and who has to pay for it? Are special accommodations required for persons with a hoarding disorder? Can associations prevent children from using the common elements, or restrict access?

Come explore the answers to these questions and more as we discuss best practices related to Fair Housing.

[1E] ‘Cat Fights’ & Disputes Between Individual Owners

Presented By:

“‘Cat Fights’ & Disputes Between Individual Owners
What are the association’s obligations and options disputes between individual owners? Boards are often asked to discipline one owner at the request of their neighbor. We will discuss the boards duty to investigate (if any) and whether it must determine if a violation exists. We will discuss the board’s ability to facilitate a compromise between owners, as opposed to its obligation to enforce one owners’ rights against another owner. We will discuss individual owners’ legal rights to enforce the governing documents independently, which allows boards to decline to enforce questionable claims by one owner against another. Suitable for all community types. Tree/view disputes will be covered.

[9:45 – 11:15 a.m.]   Exhibit Hall & Refreshment Break

Refreshments Sponsored by Allana, Buick & Bers, Inc., Charter Construction, Improcon, Leahy Fjelstad Peryea, PRIME, and Superior Cleaning & Restoration

[11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.]   Concurrent Sessions (select one)

[2A] Major repairs don’t have to be a major pain: A step-by-step guide to completing and funding large-scale condominium projects

Presented By:

“Major repairs don’t have to be a major pain: A step-by-step guide to completing & funding large-scale condominium projects
A panel of five industry experts will walk audience members through each step of the major repair process. Attorney Allison Peryea will discuss association notice and voting requirements and other governing document compliance tasks, in addition to addressing considerations with respect to contract review. Kris Gjylameti will discuss an association’s options for financing the project. Loan Officer Nate Basich will discuss individual owner options for financing their portion of any special assessment. Kris Eggert will discuss the project management aspects of the repair. Finally, Elena Neely will discuss the value increase to individual units associated with the completion of a major repair project.

[2B] Essential Skills for Board Members

Presented By:

“Essential Skills for Board Members
Somehow, you found yourself on the board of directors of your Condominium or HOA and guess what? No one gave you a manual! Thankfully, this session has great tips and advice to move your board and community away from dysfunction like unproductive board meetings (that go on forever), lack of direction or interpersonal conflicts and towards a positive future where community goals can be achieved through clarity of mission, teamwork, humor and grace. This fun and interactive session is authored and presented by Julie Adamen, known for her knack for bringing clarity to challenging situations facing boards and managers. She’s funny, too!

[2C] Enforcement of CC&Rs – Sticking to Your Guns Without Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Presented By:

“Enforcement of CC&Rs – Sticking to Your Guns Without Shooting Yourself in the Foot
When it comes to enforcement of governing documents, striking the right balance between too much and not enough can be challenging. For board members and managers, it’s a thankless job and nearly impossible to please everyone. We hope to make it easier for you by simplifying complicated legal aspects and providing practical methods and procedures you can use to avoid common enforcement problems. By sharing real life examples and lessons learned, we’ll explain the most effective ways we’ve discovered to deal with enforcement challenges. You’ll leave knowing how to stick to your guns without shooting yourself in the foot.

[2D] Protecting Association Funds

Presented By:

“Protecting Association Funds
As a board member or manager, how do you help protect Association funds?

Nick Anderson, Columbia Bank’s SVP and commercial banking team leader will provide practical advice and tips for how associations can use the tool – Demand Deposit Marketplace (DDM) – to protect association funds. Mr. Anderson will walk participants through the definitions, needs and processes of the DDM program and how it can be utilized by any and all associations in the State of Washington. The presentation is designed to teach the proactive steps necessary to obtain high levels of FDIC-mandated protection and to provide association leadership with peace of mind regarding their funds.

Jeremy Newman, CPA, will discuss:

  1. Questions to ask, and red flags to be aware of, when reading the Board’s monthly financial package,
  2. The “10 commandments of Internal Control”
  3. CAI guidelines for cash/investments
  4. Fraud prevention techniques. You will leave with an understanding of the financial management tools necessary, to help protect association funds.

[2E] Reserve Studies and Building Envelope Condition Assessments: What You Need to Know Now to Avoid Future (Financial) Surprises

Presented By:

“Reserve Studies and Building Envelope Condition Assessments: What You Need to Know Now to Avoid Future (Financial) Surprises
Reserve funding levels are not mandated by law, but many documents require “adequate” reserves. Can you say with confidence that your reserve funding level is adequate to cover all of your current and future expenses?

What if your reserve account is in the low-risk range, but hidden damages are discovered which significantly increase the cost, and trigger a special assessment? Could the association have avoided these extra costs by identifying hidden damages and conditions early, and repairing them before they caused additional damage? Alternatively, what if your association is preparing for a large project (such as siding replacement) based solely on the age, but you are unsure of the timing and wisdom in proactive replacement? Do you really need a project consultant, and to conform with the requirements set forth in RCW 64.55 for rehabilitative construction?

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This session will discuss how your association can utilize reserve study updates and periodic building envelope condition assessments together to properly fund for ongoing maintenance, repair and replacement of the association’s assets. We will discuss the differences between the two types of evaluations, and how lessons from the past should lead us forward.

[12:30 – 2:15 p.m.]   Networking Lunch &  Exhibit Hall

[2:15 – 3:30 p.m.]   Concurrent Sessions (select one)

[3A] WUCIOA: The Basics to Adoption, Budgets, Reserve Studies, & Compliance with WUCIOA

Presented By:

“WUCIOA: The Basics to Adoption, Budgets, Reserve Studies, & Compliance with WUCIOA
We will discuss its application to new and existing communities, and what communities are exempt from WUCIOA due to size or use. We discuss the two provisions that are applicable to existing communities, and the process provided to allow communities to adopt WUCIOA with only 30 percent of their community voting. We will also discuss the most significant “pros and cons” of an existing community adopting the act, including changes in how the community is governed (meetings, notice, voting) and the rights and obligations of owners and the association (liens, collections, restrictions on use, attorney fees, assessments, etc.). Suitable for all community types.

[3B] Insurance 101: Understanding an Association’s Coverage Responsibilities

Presented By:

“Insurance 101: Understanding an Association’s Coverage ResponsibilitiesUnderstanding the Association’s insurance coverage is paramount to protecting the interest of the owners. This seminar will discuss the type of insurance Associations are required to carry, common provisions in governing documents related to insurance, and when Associations are required to submit claims for damage to common elements and interior units.

We will demystify the coverage provided by insurance policies and discuss whether it’s reasonable to look to your policies for coverage for earthquake, fire, windstorm, rain, pipe leaks, and other common sources of damage to condominiums. We will provide guidance, answer questions, and walk attendees through the multi-stage steps of an insurance claim including the claim submission, insurance investigation, claims decision, and what must be done with insurance recovery under the governing documents and terms of the policies. We will also discuss whether there is any obligation to pursue claims that have been denied.

[3C] Zero Lot Line, Site or Air Space Condominiums — Living in and Managing an Association Comprised of Cubes of Air

Presented By:

“Zero Lot Line, Site or Air Space Condominiums — Living in and Managing an Association Comprised of Cubes of Air
In today’s fast paced construction and home building climate, to overcome traditional regulatory hurdles, more and more home builders are constructing Associations of “Air Space Condominiums”.

Unlike a traditional garden style or midrise condominium unit where the boundaries are the walls, floor and ceiling of the unit, an Air Space unit is comprised of boxes of space. Instead of wood and drywall, the walls of these units are planes in space, shown on the survey map and plans for the project. As a result, the Unit may include the home, exterior landscaped areas, and any other structures, fixtures, equipment or appliances lying within the “air-space” boundaries.

Owners, board members and association managers are often faced with conflicting information regarding FHA approval, coordination of master insurance coverage and how condominium defect laws and four-year statutory warranty provisions are applied to these “house-condos”. Come learn more about the pros, cons, pitfalls and benefits to this type of association.

[3D] Board 101 – Minute by Minute

Presented By:

“Board 101 – Minute by Minute
Minutes can be the bane of any association’s volunteer Secretary but there is an essential need for this critical document. Minutes within association’s have numerous impacts on them and there is an art to development of sound, legal, quality minutes. Come and learn some of the important elements of this essential association record, hear stories of minutes gone amuk and leave with a renewed sense of importance for this critical work undertaken by the association.

[3:30 p.m.]  Exhibitor Drawings & Scavenger Hunt Winner Announced

Reception Sponsored by CDK Construction Services, Inc., OAC Services, Inc., and PRIME

CA Day Exhibit Hall Floorplan

CA Day Exhibit Hall Floorplan

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Finnmark Property Services


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First Financial Northwest Bank


AAA Fire Protection Inc.


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Morrison Hershfield


Matvey Foundation Repair


Bell-Anderson & Associates

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Signature Landscapes/NLS


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HomeWise Docs

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SSI Construction


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Fischer Restoration & Plumbing


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Galluzzo Insurance Agency


CertaPro Painters


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GSG Group, Inc.


Charter Construction


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Popular Association Banking


Pacific Building Envelope


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David Bach & Associates


CDK Construction


Superior Cleaning & Restoration


STS Construction Services


Brightview Landscapes


Am Fam Ins – Steve Weidenbach Agency


HomeStreet Bank


Flanagan Strauss, PLLC


Emerald Management & Consulting


Evolution Architecture


ServPro of Edmonds, Lynnwood, Bellevue West

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Stein, Sudweeks & Houser


Amento Group


Newman & Company, CPA (FKA Cagianut & Company, CPA)


McBride Construction


Rafel Law Group


SR Building Services


Allana Buick & Bers


Northwest Playground Equipment


TRF Pacific Management


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Pacific Development Advisors


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Evergreen ID Systems


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The Partners Group


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Precision Concrete Cutting


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Armadillo Painting


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Pacific Lamp & Supply Company


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Mutual of Omaha Bank


Pro Grass, Inc.


Law Office of Michael Fulbright


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Law Offices of James L. Strichartz

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CAI has a no-tolerance policy regarding “suitcasing,” which describes the practice of non-exhibiting companies or individuals soliciting sales or sales leads, and/or representing their services or soliciting seminar participants for conflicting social activities. Non-exhibiting business partners participating in the seminar as attendees or speakers are prohibited from soliciting business in or after sessions, or in the seminar location.

Violators of these policies will be ejected from CA Day if applicable, and charged $1,000, which must be paid prior to registering as an attendee, exhibitor, or sponsor at ANY future CAI events.

CA Day Presenters:

Julie Adamen

Julie Adamen

Principal, Adamen Inc.

[ Session 2B ]

Julie Adamen is the principal of Adamen Inc., a national consulting and employment firm specializing in the community management industry formed in 1997.  She is a recognized expert in community management, community management compensation and association and management company operations.  She is a prolific author, educator, motivational speaker and trainer for community managers and Boards of Directors.  She has been primary writer and publisher of The HOA Manager NewsLine for 21 years, an industry e-newsletter with a monthly circulation of over 15,000. Julie’s latest project is Community Association Management 101, online classes for new community managers and support staff. Coming up: Community Association Management 101 for Board Members in fall 2018.

Nick Anderson

Nick Anderson

SVP & Commercial Banking Team Leader, Columbia Bank

[ Session 2D ]

Nick Anderson, a frequent presenter in Washington, manages a team of bankers focused on serving the financial needs of nonprofit sector organizations, closely held businesses and local government. Nick and his team excel at providing solutions for the difficult and complex needs of mid-large size organizations. Nick earned a Certified Treasury Professional designation in 2011 from the Association of Financial Professionals.  He is a graduate of Pacific Coast Banking School; was recently named to the Puget Sound Business Journal’s 2017 40under40 and in 2009 he was named one of the banking industry’s ‘Rising Stars’ by the Independent Community Bankers Association.

Nate Basich

Nate Basich

Condo Team Lead & Mortgage Loan Officer, Eagle Home Mortgage

[ Session 2A ]

Nate Basich is the Condo Team lead and a mortgage loan officer at Eagle Home Mortgage. His team has more than 40 years of experience providing loan programs specific to the purchase and refinance of condominiums.

Benjamin Borland, CIT, CCSMTT

Benjamin Borland, CIT, CCSMTT

Principal, Amento Group

[ Session 2E ]

Benjamin Borland, CIT, CCSMTT, is a veteran of the construction industry, Ben brings 33 years of experience inspecting construction, restoring and repairing buildings, and managing projects. He has extensive firsthand experience inspecting and restoring buildings. As an ICRI Concrete Slab Moisture Testing Technician, he helps improve the performance of concrete slab moisture testing to result in more consistent, accurate results. Ben has worked closely with owners, boards, property and facility managers, and attorneys throughout his career. He leads the Construction Management department at Amento Group, focusing on resolving design- and construction-phase challenges.

Sacha Copeland, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Sacha Copeland, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Co-Owner of The Copeland Group, LLC

[ Session 2C ]

Sacha Copeland, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, a co-owner of The Copeland Group, LLC, has been involved in the management of homeowner associations for over 25 years. She earned her B.A. in History from the University of Washington (U of W) and has successfully completed the U of W Certificate Program in Construction Management. In addition to her work with the administration of major repair projects, her work with condominium and homeowner associations has included assisting with the developing, enforcing, and interpreting rules and regulations and the role they play in association living

Sacha served for two years as a member of the Washington State CAI Chapter’s Managers Only Meeting Committee. She was a presenter as a panel member at the 2012 CAI Managers Only Day and at the 2013 CAI Tacoma Law Day.

Kent Daniels

Kent Daniels

President, Integrity Group NW

[ Session 1B ]

Kent Daniels is the president of Integrity Group NW and has been in the building industry as a General Contractor since 1983. He now concentrates his efforts as a Construction Consultant where he specializes in Building Inspections, Intrusion Diagnostics and Construction Management. Kent holds a “Master” National Inspector Certification and is currently on the Board of Certified Inspectors. Kent is also Building Envelope Certified, UBC and IRC Code Certified and has an Engineering Degree and General Contracting License.

Kris Eggert

Kris Eggert

Evolution Architecture

[ Session 2A ]

Kris Eggert of Evolution architecture has worked in the construction industry for more than 15 years, with a focus on remediation projects. His professional experience encompasses all facets of the industry from hands-on trade work, estimating and project management, scope preparation, construction management, construction defect analysis, cost reasonableness review, and expert witness testimony.

Timothy Feth, Esq.

Timothy Feth, Esq.

Associate Attorney, Rafel Law Group, PLLC

[ Session 1D ]

Timothy Feth is an associate attorney at Rafel Law Group PLLC, which focuses on advising and representing Homeowner and Condominium Owner Associations. He earned his undergraduate degree in philosophy from Central Washington University summa cum laude, and his law degree from the University of Washington with honors. During law school he worked on whistle-blower cases for the nonprofit Hanford Challenge, and mediated cases in King County’s small claims court. He currently serves on WSCAI’s Market Expansion Committee.

Kris Gjylameti

Kris Gjylameti

Vice President, Community Association Banking, Mutual of Omaha Bank

[ Session 2A ]

Kris Gjylameti is the Vice President for Community Association Banking division of Mutual of Omaha Bank. In that capacity, Kris has helped community associations with their banking and financing needs.  He started his banking career over a decade ago in Washington State working with a large financial institution. Over eight years ago Kris started to specialize in serving the unique needs of community associations in Washington and Oregon. Kris focused in helping communities with financing repairs and the safe banking of their deposits. 

Kris worked in the Hawaii market and helped to open the Mutual of Omaha Bank office. There he was actively involved in CAI-Hawaii as the co-chair of the educational committee.  Kris was instrumental in serving the Condominium Council of Maui (CCM) and as an active board member. Through his work he brought continued educational opportunities to the islands for both managers and board members.  Kris provides continued education for board members and managers in financing association projects, reserve management, cyber theft and protecting the community from fraud and embezzlement.

Dave Gramann

Dave Gramann

Principal, Amento Group

[ Session 2E ]

Dave Gramann’s 19 years in the construction industry has given him extensive hands-on knowledge of estimating, construction management, building envelopes, and cladding systems. Prior to joining Amento Group, Dave worked for a high-profile construction company in the Seattle area as a Project Manager and Head Estimator where he continued to refine his skills and knowledge in the remediation industry. His skills developing critical path construction schedules and preparing estimates for large scale remediation projects enhance Amento Group’s depth of construction knowledge. With a well-rounded field background, Dave brings a practical approach to solving building envelope issues with a focus on constructability and aesthetics.

Paul D. Grucza, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Paul D. Grucza, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Director of Education & Client Engagement for CWD Group, Inc. AAMC®

[ Sessions 1C & 3D ]

Paul D. Grucza, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, has been an industry practitioner for close to 34 years holding numerous prestigious positions within CAI including Institute President, Inaugural Chair for the APCM Board, CEO-MC Retreat Chair, Education Committee Chair, Ethics Panel Member for both CAI and CAMICB, Chapter President, an accomplished author for CAI penning and editing three books for CAI, published by Nolo Publishers, CAI Press and IREM, TV Show host, an in demand speaker for chapters nationally and internationally and a skilled Strategist called to conduct strategic planning for both CA Chapters and other business ventures over the years. He additionally participates as an industry expert crafting questions for the national CMCA certification exam and is actively engaged with the Foundation for Community Association Research. As Director of Education and Client Engagement for CWD Group, Inc. AAMC® he brings his many years of skill, association involvement and enthusiasm to the Pacific Northwest.

Ken Harer, CCAL

Ken Harer, CCAL

Managing Partner, Condominium Law Group, PLLC

[ Sessions 1E & 3A ]

Ken Harer, CCAL, is Condo Law’s managing partner. He’s an experienced attorney and has been working with community associations for more than 20 years. He offers legal assistance with contracts, construction disputes, and warranties related to the Washington Condominium Act and general legal advice on interpretation, enforcement, and modification of governing documents. Ken formerly held a Reserve Specialist (RS) designation and but spends the majority of his time overseeing Condominium Law Group. In fall 2010, Ken was inducted into the College of Community Association Lawyers and now holds the CCAL designation. Ken served on a non-profit Board of Directors for more than 18 years.  

His practice, formed in 2000, provides assistance on all types of legal matters for condominium and homeowners associations. Ken (also known as the attorney with all those initials after his name!) earned his Juris Doctor and LLM degrees from the University of Washington, as well as a MBA, a BFA in Industrial Design, and a BA in Architecture. An active WSCAI volunteer, Ken is a frequent speaker at industry events and homeowner association seminars, and contributes regularly to industry periodicals.  Since 2008, his focus has been providing general legal advice to community associations.

Duncan Kirk, CIC, CIRMS

Duncan Kirk, CIC, CIRMS

Senior Vice President, HUB International

[ Sessions 1A & 3B ]

Duncan Kirk is a Senior Vice President at HUB International, one of the largest independent insurance brokerages in the world. As an agent and consultant, he provides insurance and risk management solutions for condominium and homeowner association clients working with a team of industry specialists that handle several hundred association clients in Washington State and beyond.

Duncan is a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) and a Community Insurance Risk Management Specialists (CIRMS). He is a past president of the Washington State chapter of Community Association’s Institute (WSCAI) and is active within industry circles.

Duncan lives in a townhome condominium unit where he served as the association’s president for ten years. He owns a second condominium in California and has purchased another condominium currently under construction in Ruston, WA. Outside of work, Duncan is an avid pilot, aviation enthusiast, traveler, photographer, sports fan, and writer.

Catherine Kuhn, CPA

Catherine Kuhn, CPA

Firm Director, Newman & Company, CPA, PC

[ Session 1A ]

Catherine Kuhn, CPA, is the Firm Director for Newman & Company, CPA, PC, (N&C) which is devoted exclusively to serving the financial needs of almost 900 community associations in Washington and Idaho. N&C is the former Cagianut & Company, with the same experienced team, now owned by Jeremy Newman, CPA. Prior to entering the HOA industry in 2006, Cathy was a partner in a large Bellevue CPA firm, and started her career in 1982 with a national CPA firm. Cathy teaches classes and writes articles for WSCAI. She is also a “ZAG” Mom of two daughters in college and volunteers for Bellevue Young Life.

Joseph P. McCarthy, Esq.

Joseph P. McCarthy, Esq.

Member, Stoel Rives, LLP

[ Session 1A ]

Joseph P. McCarthy is a member of Stoel Rives, LLP.  He received a B.A. from Bucknell University, cum laude, in 1982 and a J.D., with honors, from the George Washington University in 1985. He was the 2015 Chairman of the Real Property, Probate & Trust Section of the Washington State Bar Association and was the Director of the Section’s Real Property Council from 2011 to 2013.  He was the chair of the committee that drafted the Washington Uniform Common Ownership Act from 2009 through 2018 and was involved in drafting or testifying on most legislative amendments to the Washington Condominium Act since 2006. He is a fellow in the American College of Real Estate Lawyers, and member of its Common Interest Ownership Committee. He is misanthropic, humorless, churlish and obdurate but at least his spouse doesn’t seem to mind.

Karen McDonald, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, RS

Karen McDonald, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, RS

Project Manager, Association Reserves of WA

[ Session 2E ]

Karen McDonald, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, RS is a Project Manager at Association Reserves of WA.  A former association manager, 2018 marks Karen’s 18th year in the community association industry where she now helps bridge the gap between associations and their reserve studies.  Karen is President Elect for the WSCAI Chapter and serves as liaison to the Communications Committee and the Market Expansion Committee. Outside of the office, she enjoys gardening and traveling.

Brian P. McLean

Brian P. McLean

President, Agynbyte LLC

[ Session 1A ]

Brian P. McLean is the president of Agynbyte LLC, a condominium and homeowner association management company. Agynbyte LLC follows Brian’s two-decade career as an attorney of community association law. He received his law and undergraduate degrees from Seattle University, where he was a member of Law Review, chair of the law school’s Moot Court Board, and commencement speaker for his graduating class.

A member of the College of Community Association Lawyers, Brian has spoken and written frequently about community association issues. He is a member of the Washington State Bar Association and a former president and board member of the Washington State Chapter of the Community Associations Institute (WSCAI). He has served twice as co-chair of WSCAI’s Legislative Action Committee, where he worked with state legislators to enact mandatory reserve study legislation in Washington State. He is the former lead singer, guitarist, and a songwriter for the now defunct Pacific Northwest band the Acetones.

Melissa Musser, CMCA, AMS

Melissa Musser, CMCA, AMS

Director of Developer Services, Trestle Community Management

[ Session 3C ]

As the Director of Developer Services for Trestle Community Management, Melissa Musser, CMCA, AMS applies her nearly fifteen years in the Association Management industry together with her eight years of public service as an elected City Councilperson into a role focused on the management of communities still under declarant control, through transition and onto the four-year warranty process. Coaching the inaugural Board of a newly transitioned Association on best practices to succeed in their volunteer role is the best part of Melissa’s position. In October, Melissa will be traveling to Texas to complete her case study in pursuit of her PCAM designation and in November, she’ll say “I Do” to the love of her life, who is also an Association Manager. In between Board and Transition meetings, Melissa can be found off-road in her Jeep, camping with her future husband and golden retriever, Bubba.

Elena Neely

Elena Neely

Real Estate Broker, My Seattle Realty

[ Session 2A ]

Elena Neely is a real estate broker with My Seattle Realty. She has 20 years of experience with buying and selling condominiums. Elena earned her MBA in International Finance and went to work for a large international company before transitioning into residential real estate. She also has experience and knowledge in construction projects, as she and her husband have built multiple projects in the area.

Jeremy Newman, CPA

Jeremy Newman, CPA

Owner, Newman & Company

[ Sessions 2D ]

Jeremy Newman, CPA brings a decade of experience providing audit and tax return services to the homeowners and condominium owners association industry. Annually, Jeremy’s original firm completes nearly 1,500 association audits and reviews in the Southwest. In May 2018 he purchased the Cagianut & Company, CPA practice, to continue providing outstanding audit and tax services to Pacific Northwest associations. The PNW practice services almost 900 Associations annually. Prior to entering the Community Association industry in 2008, Jeremy held finance and accounting positions with companies in the real estate industry; and was an audit manager with Ernst & Young LLP’s real estate audit practice.

Valerie Farris Oman, Esq.

Valerie Farris Oman, Esq.

Partner Attorney, Condominium Law Group

[ Session 3A ]

Valerie Farris Oman is a partner attorney at Condominium Law Group. She represents and assists community associations on collections matters along with general counsel and governance issues. Valerie is passionate about providing high quality legal services to our clients. Valerie graduated cum laude from Seattle University School of Law (2005). Prior to joining Condominium Law Group in 2009, Valerie’s practice included small business law, estate planning, and civil litigation. Valerie grew up in the Pacific Northwest, is an avid Seahawks fan, and speaks four languages with varying degrees of fluency. Valerie loves spending time with her young child, family, and friends as well as her dog, Dot, and can often be found hiking or lifting heavy things. An active WSCAI volunteer, Valerie is a speaker at industry events, management seminars, and community associations, and contributes regularly to industry periodicals.

Allison Peryea

Allison Peryea

Partner, Leahy Fjelstad Peryea

[ Session 2A ]

Allison Peryea is a partner at community association law firm Leahy Fjelstad Peryea in downtown Seattle. She has worked in the community association industry for eight years. Her practice focuses on dispute resolution including litigation, and also general counsel. She is a longtime member of the WSCAI Communications Committee and a former editor of the WSCAI Journal.

Anthony L. (“Tony”) Rafel, Esq.

Anthony L. (“Tony”) Rafel, Esq.

Managing Partner, Rafel Law Group, PLLC

[ Session 1D ]

Anthony “Tony” Rafel, Esq, serves as Vice President of WSCAI’s Board of Directors and a former Co-Chair of WSCAI’s Business Partners Committee. Tony has been practicing law in Seattle for 35 years, with a focus on community association law for the last 25 years. He is the Managing Partner of Rafel Law Group PLLC, with offices in Seattle and Portland, and practices actively in both states, handling construction and product defect, insurance coverage, covenant and rule enforcement, boundary and nuisance cases, among many others. Tony also serves as a trusted advisor to boards, helping them to solve problems, resolve disputes and practice good governance.  Tony has been peer-selected as a Washington Law & Politics SuperLawyer™ every year since 2003 and holds the top peer-review rating for legal skill and ethical standards from Martindale-Hubbell. He is a past president of the Federal Bar Association of the Western District of Washington and lawyer representative to the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference. Tony lives in Seattle with his wife, Megan, and their aging but still yummy Labrador retriever, Joey.

Daniel Stein, Esq.

Daniel Stein, Esq.

Associate, Stein, Sudweeks & Houser

[ Session 3B ]

Daniel Stein, Esq. is a litigation associate specializing in insurance coverage and construction defect issues. He is also a contributor to the WSCAI’s Community Association Journal. Daniel earned his Bachelor of Arts at UCLA and his Juris Doctorate at USC Gould School of Law where he was a member of the Interdisciplinary Law Journal. Prior to joining Stein, Sudweeks & Houser, Daniel worked on complex class action lawsuits.

Ken Strauss, Esq.

Ken Strauss, Esq.

Partner, Flanagan Strauss, PLLC

[ Session 3C ]

Ken Strauss is a partner at Flanagan Strauss, PLLC, and an active member of the WSCAI Law Day Committee. Ken has been representing community associations in all aspects of law since 1999. As a litigator, Ken has successfully served as lead counsel in both jury trials and arbitration hearings and has participated in the successful resolution of numerous cases through settlement negotiations and mediation. His courtroom experience includes superior courts throughout Western Washington as well as California, the Washington Court of Appeals, and Federal District Courts in both Washington and California. In his spare time, you can find Ken fishing throughout Puget Sound, boating off the shores of Gig Harbor or snowmobiling through the Cascades.

Jim Talaga, RS

Jim Talaga, RS

President, Association Reserves, WA

[ Sessions 1A & 2E ]

Jim Talaga, RS, is the President of Association Reserves, WA. Jim and his staff have been responsible for over 9,300 Reserve Studies in the Pacific Northwest since 1997, serving a wide range of facilities and interests. Prior to joining Association Reserves, Jim worked with his father for a decade building custom homes, and as a certified Real Estate appraiser. He is a noted authority on reserves and property issues, and a longstanding speaker and educator for the Community Association industry. Jim was a member of the Community Associations Institute Legislative Action Committee for eleven years, where he regularly participated in proposed legislation, and the drafting of laws affecting community associations. Jim is a credentialed Reserve Specialist (#RS 66), and has periodically served as a board member of two HOA’s.

Theresa Torgesen, Esq.

Theresa Torgesen, Esq.

Partner, Sound Legal Partners, PLLC

[ Sessions 1A & 2C ]

Theresa Torgesen, Esq., Partner and a founding member of Sound Legal Partners, PLLC is an experienced attorney who has dedicated more than a decade of her legal career to representing condominium and homeowner associations as general counsel. She supports association managers and board members in their community leadership roles, assists them in identifying and addressing potential risks, and collaborates with them to develop practical solutions when problems arise.Theresa is passionate about education and advocacy and is a frequent presenter of CAI seminars at the state and national level. Theresa served on the Washington Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (WUCIOA) Drafting Committee for seven years until the proposed bill was first introduced in the legislature in 2015 and has served as the Co-Chair of the CAI Washington State Legislative Action Committee (LAC) since 2015.

Tiffany Weed, CMCA, AMS

Tiffany Weed, CMCA, AMS

Community Manager, Association Services, AAMC

[ Session 1B ]

Tiffany Weed, CMCA, AMS, is a Community Manager at Association Services, AAMC. Tiffany has been working at Association Services for 4 years. Tiffany received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix in 2011. She earned her CMCA Certification in 2015, and most recently earned her AMS. Tiffany currently manages a diverse portfolio of condominiums and homeowners association.

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