The Maintenance Manager is responsible for all phases of the overall timely inspection, maintenance, cleanliness, and physical appearance and curb appeal, and related record-keeping. This includes common grounds and facilities, and the exterior of individual units (primarily roofs and siding). Although individual homeowners are responsible for landscaping and maintenance of sidewalks, driveways, decks, fences, etc., on their property, the Maintenance Manager will monitor for compliance with acceptable standards and report violations to the President of the Board or designated representative.

With approval of the Board and/or Community Manager from Association Management firm, certain repairs or maintenance tasks, such as landscaping maintenance and roof cleaning and repairs, may be contracted under the supervision of onsite or Community Manager. In addition, the Maintenance Manger may work with the Property Manager or outside contractor on major projects. Some of the responsibilities listed may be assumed or shared with committees or members of the Community designated by the Board of Directors.



1. Weekly: inspect common areas, pick up refuse, control weeds, maintain lighting, maintain general appearance, and post courtesy notice on vehicles in violation of parking regulations.
2. Maintain a security awareness of all facilities and report any vandalism.
3. Monitor the work of the contracted landscape maintenance crew and/or tree service. Work with the landscape company to cover any maintenance deficiencies or areas needing attention. Recommend to the Board any landscape projects that need to be done.
4. Work with landscape contractor and/or seasonal helpers to water and maintain common area shrubbery, plants and planters, as needed, and lawns if directed by the Board. Maintain hoses and water lines.
5. Trim common area trees/bushes as needed. Work with Maintenance and/or Landscape Committees on annual pruning/removals.
6. Distribute yard totes (yard waste containers) as needed. Set bins out for weekly trash pickup and return to areas where they are either screened from view from the street or placed in designated area in the RV lot.
7. Maintain mailbox areas, checking working order of lights and condition of literature holders. Remove unauthorized postings. Maintain records of RV lot users, making sure all vehicles have current tabs.
8. As needed, sweep or blow down walks, parking lots, RV lot, tennis court, and pool area. Power-wash as needed, cleaning up any residue or debris when finished. (Note: Larger areas, such as clubhouse parking lot may be outsourced to commercial service). The Maintenance Manager is not responsible for cleaning the driveways, sidewalks, decks and patios of individual units or for maintenance work inside of individual units, or for any damage caused by a resident or that resident’s guest.
9. Keep storm drains free of debris.
10. Per maintenance calendar or as directed by the board, clean and repair facility fencing.
11. Maintain all common area lighting, clean and replace as needed. Inform Board or Community Property Manager of any electrical issues requiring service by an electrician.
12. Handle common area pest control problems as necessary (e.g., bees, ants, moles, rats, birds, etc.)
13. Monitor drainage and sloped areas. Alert property manager and/or board of any changes needing repairs or remediation.
14. Hire and supervise summer help as authorized by board.
15. Ensure the proper storage and disposal of chemicals required for maintenance, cleaning, painting, etc.
16. Ensure the chain to the office driveway is locked at the end of the day.
17. Clean the front entry stonework once each quarter.
18. Winterize water supply and drainage systems.
19. During severe weather remove snow and ice from common area street entries and walkways, including portion of common area sidewalk.


1. Periodically inspect all buildings, including siding, roofs, gutters and downspouts for damage, blockages or overflow problems. As required, repair or replace, or notify board of need for outside contractors.
2. Routinely remove moss and weeds from common area sidewalks. Work with board or community manager to schedule moss removal service. (Safety Harness equipment is required when working on roofs.)
3. On quarterly or more frequent interval, inspect roofs to keep free of debris and water. Check exterior condition of chimneys, notifying owners of any concerns. Inspect new membrane installed on “flat” roofs.
4. Repair (or if necessary, arrange repairs by outside vendor) for buildings, common area fences, or components that are the association responsibility.
5. Handle emergency situations, and if necessary consult with board or property manager, or contact outside contractor.


1. Work with Clubhouse Coordinator and/or Property Manager for clubhouse rentals to assist with timely delivery and return of keys and paperwork, and inspections.
2. Working with Clubhouse Coordinator, inspect clubhouse after use to be sure it is left in good condition in strict compliance with checklist. Report infractions and damage to Clubhouse Coordinator and Property Manager.
3. Clean, vacuum and dust as required between uses.
4. Wash windows and floors as needed.
5. Have carpets and furniture commercially cleaned yearly or as needed.
6. Perform routine cleaning and maintenance on equipment and appliances, restroom heaters, vents and light fixtures.
7. Clean and disinfect restrooms daily when pool is open and as needed during other periods, or supervise seasonal helpers who perform these tasks.
8. Submit recommendations for replacement of clubhouse furnishings, appliances and equipment.
9. Maintain bulletin board and “forms kiosk” at entry, keeping folders stocked with documents, working with Communications Committee.
10. Routinely monitor clubhouse parking lot for unauthorized vehicles; arrange for towing as needed.


1. Working with seasonal helpers, and/or resident volunteers, open and close pool during regular working hours.
2. Issue and track pool cards and maintain the security system.
3. Vacuum the swimming pool at least twice a week and wash down surrounding deck daily during the swimming season.
4. Maintain and adjust chemicals daily in the swimming pool as required by King County Health Department.
5. Perform necessary routine maintenance on the pool and pool equipment. If necessary coordinate repairs with a commercial company.
6. Maintain furnishings around the pool.
7. Maintain safety signs and equipment.
8. Assist with rules compliance by pool users.
9. During swimming season, daily clean the restrooms and pool area, and rearrange pool furniture.
10. Maintain landscaping around the pool (if not outsourced to a landscape firm).
11. Maintain picnic area.
12. Maintain playground, making sure equipment is clean and safe.


1. Maintain itemized records (inventory) of supplies, equipment, materials, parts and services, furnishings, and tools, including warranties.
2. Maintain inventory of keys, distributing sets to authorized users. Coinciding with annual election of officers, provide officers and property manager with current list and location of keys.
3. Maintain all pool records as required by the King County Health Department.
4. Compile and maintain schedule of clubhouse reservations and deposits (board may delegate to the property management company).
5. Maintain a unit history of repairs, including work orders and other information pertaining to each unit and common areas. Provide monthly summary to Board at least three (3) business days before each meeting.
6. Maintain emergency information.
7. Keep copy of master insurance policy, certificates of liability, auto insurance and disaster preparedness manual and/or other documents with schematics of shutoffs for water and gas,
8. As needed:
• Assist board or committee volunteers with publishing and distributing newsletters.
• Assist in production and posting of notifications to owners/residents.
• Assist in ordering and posting signs.
9. Process or distribute completed documents (e.g., Work Orders, Exterior Change Requests) for action.
10. Maintain HOA vehicle (including semi-annual fluid change or inspections). Keep license and insurance current.
11. Maintain a database of approved contractors.


1. Maintain a professional attitude and rapport with residents.
2. Set up for and attend, as requested, monthly and special Board meetings. Store tables and chairs following such meetings. Place and pick up signage.
3. Be helpful and responsive to homeowner requests and complaints.
4. Work with city officials and utilities as needed.
5. As required, assist in the preparation for community-wide special events.
6. When known, during periods of extended absences of residents, make periodic exterior inspections of the units and grounds.
7. Be familiar with Association governing documents. Assist in the education and enforcement of Association covenants, rules and regulations (e.g. yard maintenance and timely removal of holiday decorations) by reporting infractions to the Property Manager.
8. Keep office organized, clean and tidy.
9. Maintain the pressure washer and related operation and safety instructions.
10. Check Dropbox at clubhouse daily for completed request forms.
11. Check the mail and route/track in accordance with established procedures.
12. Keep fuel for tools and equipment safely stored on site.
13. Train and schedule summer help.
14. Other duties may be assigned from time to time by the president of the Board of Directors, the president’s designees and/or the property manager.


• Must possess the skills, knowledge and abilities to independently perform the above duties.

• Must have initiative, strong time management skills, and the ability to effectively and timely communicate with the Property Manager, HOA Board and others as needed as well as the judgment to recognize when such communication is appropriate.

• Physical: able to lift up to 75 pounds, climb ladders, dig trenches, use power tools (e.g., blower, pressure washer, chain saws, etc.).

• Environment: this position will work outside in all weather conditions as well as indoors in an office.

• Due to the nature of the job, time off may be restricted during the summer pool season.

• Valid Washington driver’s license and insurance.

• Administrative/Office: working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.

• Flexibility in working hours may be arranged.

TO APPLY: Submit resume and optional cover letter by email or mail:
Email to: (Include “Safoma Maintenance” in subject line.
Or mail to: Safoma Maintenance, c/o Yates Wood & MacDonald,
425 Pontius Ave N., Suite 203, Seattle WA 98109

Experience Level:
Mid Career

Job Status:
Part Time

Job Location:
Redmond, Washington

Salary Range:
$15-$22 per hour depending on experience

Contact Name:
Johnathan Beretta

Contact Email:

Comany Address:
425 Pontius Avenue N, Suite 203 Seattle, WA. 98109

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