WSCAI Scholarship

“To provide the leadership for successful development and operation of Community Associations through information, research and education.”

In following the Chapter’s Mission Statement, the purpose of the Scholarship Fund is to promote education and provide scholarship funds for the advancement of education and to promote education and effective governance within the community association industry.
WSCAI seeks to expand the experience and leadership of owners and professionals that serve community associations.


The Board of Directors will award scholarship funds based on proposals.
Scholarship applications should include the following:

  • Description of how the funds would be used.
  • Information regarding the proposed seminar, course, or activity and how it relates to the advancement of education or community association public policy.
  • A proposed budget.
  • Any other information requested by the Committee.

Scholarships will be granted, in part, on the basis of need. Therefore, any application for scholarship funds should include information regarding the applicants’ need for funding.


Application reviews to be conducted by the Board of Directors.

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