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A building is a special thing. The culmination of tons upon tons of materials and thousands of human work hours, it’s a shame to see any of that tarnished. It disappoints and frustrates us—and most importantly, makes us feel the need to do something about it. Since 1996, our team develops solutions because we simply want to solve problems and challenges—to make things better and give you confidence in what lies ahead for your building, community, and business. With years of experience in building remediation, new construction, and construction litigation, we create lasting resolves because we want your project to succeed and know how to deliver results.
Lisa Hanses
Lisa Hanses Associate, Business Development & Creative Director
Ben Borland
Ben Borland CCSMTT Principal, Construction Project Manager
Darren Johnston
Darren Johnston P.E., S.E. Senior Structural Engineer
Dave Gramann
Dave Gramann Certified sUAS Pilot Principal, Construction Project Manager
Janet Fife
Janet Fife Associate, Director of Office Operations
Josh Strange
Josh Strange Construction Project Manager
Lisa Clark-Moe
Lisa Clark-Moe NCARB, AIA Principal, Senior Architect
Tina Ray
Tina Ray Project Manager/Claims Consultant
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Directory Category
Architectural & Engineering Consultants, Building Defect Investigation, Repair & Design, Project Management