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Association Reserves is the nationwide leader in Reserve Study preparation.  Established in 1986, Association Reserves has been instrumental in defining and advocating the National Reserve Study Standards endorsed by the Community Associations Institute (CAI). In our 30 plus years in business, our firm has completed over 60,000 Reserve Studies for properties of all types, including condominium and homeowners associations, community development districts, timeshare and resort properties, commercial facilities, camps, retreat centers, schools, worship facilities, municipalities and more. Our clients range from small, boutique condo properties to large master associations representing tens of thousands of owners. Each Reserve Study is conducted with special consideration for the unique characteristics of the client property, including age, regional weather patterns, local pricing factors, and input from the Manager and Board of Directors. Our time‐tested approach involves thorough research of all key factors, especially project history, projected useful life and cost data, and aesthetic standards in the local area.
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Christian Colunga RS President
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Susan Oord RS Operations Manager
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