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Representing Washington State condominium and homeowner associations is not only the core business of Condominium Law Group, but also our passion. We are industry leaders among the law firms serving Washington State condominium and homeowner associations. Condominium Law Group has the experience, resources, and staff to offer the exceptional yet cost-effective, client-centered service you deserve.
Ken Harer
Ken Harer Esq. Attorney at Law
Aaron Eskenazi
Chelsea Gardner
Connor Yokoyama
Fatema Burkey
Fatema Burkey Esq.
Jennifer De Winter
Jennifer De Winter Esq. Associate Attorney
Katie Latimer Martinez
Katie Latimer Martinez Esq. Attorney
Lena Barouh Esq.
Lisa McMahon
Lisa McMahon Esq. Attorney
Valerie Farris Oman
Valerie Farris Oman Esq.
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